Pray Anoka 2013: Theme

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“Prepare the way of the Lord”

It was customary in the ancient Near East for the inhabitants of a city to improve the high-way into their city before the arrival of a king. The prophet Isaiah used this imagery to herald the future arrival of Christ to Jerusalem (Is. 40:3-4). Matthew (3:3), Mark (1:3) and Luke (3:4) repeated this theme as John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ’s first coming.

Isaiah described preparing the high-way for the king.

  • Raise it up (40:4; 49:11; 57:14; 62:10)
  • Level it out (40:4)
  • Make it straight (40:3-4; 45:2)
  • Make it smooth (26:7; 40:4)
  • Remove obstacles (40:3-4)
  • Remove stumbling blocks (57:14)
  • Make it holy through repentance (35:8-9)
  • Raise a banner of worship (62:10)
  • Pass through the gates of worship (62:10)

Through prayerful repentance, we remove the stumbling blocks of idolatry and immorality. We pass through the gates of the City with the banner of worship to prepare the way of the Lord. He will then make our way a highway of holiness unto salvation and revival.

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