The Anoka Awakening, 2016


If you’re here, chances are you are wondering about what God is doing in the City of Anoka this year.     You’re in the right place, so read on.

Past Events

Since 2011 community events have been held to focus prayer on the needs of the Anoka area.  In 2011 we held Pray Anoka Day; in 2012 we held a Prayer Walk around the boundaries of the City; in 2013 we held a Prayer Walk from the gateways into the City center; in 2014 we held a Prayer Walk around the downtown area; and in 2015 we held Anoka Awakening Day in Riverside Park.


Since early 2016 a ministry team has been reaching out to people in downtown Anoka through street evangelism.  Plans are to establish a location in Downtown Anoka for 24/7 prayer, evangelistic outreach, worship events and discipleship.  Watch for more news on this later.